How research is advancing inbed care systems

How research is advancing inbed care systems

Introducing the new Biotechsis® iSlide Bed Mattress Cover

Research has always led the product-development at Phil-e-Slide in our mission to champion change and prevent tissue harm in patients confined to bed. For example:

• We’ve discovered what happens under the skin the role of the fascia in our bodies that allows tissues to move freely without transferring movement to surrounding structures therefore avoiding them reaching the threshold of resistance at which tissues might shear.

• The role of force, tissue, the body’s adaptation system and pathology have all been explored which increased our understanding of the often preventable events that happen before tissue damage occurs.

• We also revisited the basics such as Stephen Levin MD’s explanation of biotensegrity to understand how it allows our tissues to manage forces.

• Summarising these findings in our white paper.

By doing so, our knowledge has developed of what happens internally in a patient when confined to bed and during self/ managed movement, repositioning and stabilising. It’s made us even more determined to take a combined ergonomic and biomechanical approach to remove the risks to both carers and patients associated with inbed care and positioning. In other words, remove the tissue damage gamble.

The combined effect is that we know now that matching a patient’s external environment to the their own innate, protective environment is essential for us to prevent and avoid tissue harm.

For several years our Biotechsis® range has included a bed mattress cover as well as sheets, pillow systems, incontinence slide and turning aids and have a continual improvement programme to ensure these develop in line with new research findings.

Our new iSlide Bed Mattress Cover is one such improvement. It is constructed in the same way as the present vapour permeable PU coated welded seamed mattress covers used presently throughout all hospitals and thereby meets all the associated regulatory requirements. However, it has two new, unique and significant design features that advance these.

1. The iSlides are the first in the world to have an upper surface centre panel (see image) that allows the patient to be moved by sliding on the Biotechsis® inbed bed sheet without the additional movement and potential tissue shear caused by the need to insert a slide sheet. 

2. They also have a new zip system. There are two zips (one pair) around the edge on either side. This allows for complete detachment of the iSlide Mattress Cover top from the bottom that enables two other firsts:

• The inlet of cables/ and or tube around the iSlide mattress cover edge at any two points (one point on either side).

• Allows the mattress cover top to be changed with the patient in-situ (just like changing the bed sheet), if and when required. When it is changed, the top section of each mattress cover can be removed by leaving the bottom (underneath) half of the iSlide Mattress Cover in situ under the mattress. This is achieved by simply unzipping the top half, removing and replacing with another top half.

The new iSlide mattress cover is designed to work with the rest of the Biotechsis® inbed care system* to provide the correct synergetic layers needed to prevent tissue harm. The system also works best with a multi-tilt bed frame that can move the patient in both horizontal, perpendicular and angled planes and can be programmed so they move and complement a patient’s innate biotensegrity, working with (rather than against) gravity.

In addition, we have developed four different – and totally interchangeable – iSlide bed mattress cover tops to provide differing slide synergies (friction and stiction factors). Synergy 1 has the lower slide ability (higher friction and stiction factor) whilst Synergy 3, has a greater slide ability (lowest friction and stiction factor).

Phil-e-Slide has also been working with various Patient Manual Handling/ Tissue Viability team leads to gain their feedback on products like the new iSlide and discuss ideas for both future improvements and product development. If you would like to join this scheme and work with us going forward, then please email

*Please note: the present Biotechsis® Bed Sheet is designed to fit, align and work with the present Biotechsis® Bed Mattress Cover (and work with the rest of the Biotechsis® inbed care system). When it is placed on top of the present Biotechsis® bed mattress cover with their Phil-e-Slide logos aligned, a degree of brake (non-slip) is provided as it interfaces with the top section panel. However, the new iSlide Bed Mattress Cover does not have this head brake panel. It will therefore be necessary to fit the present Biotechsis® bed sheet further up the bed so that its Phil-e-Slide logo is aligned with the logo on the new iSlide Bed Mattress Cover. A new one-colour (peach or blue) Biotechsis Bed Sheet will soon be available – it will be square in dimensions to afford further synergy (fitting) options when used on top of the new iSlide Bed Mattress Cover. Both the present and new products will be fully compatible with each other.

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