The Biotechsis® fabric

The Biotechsis® fabric

Biotechsis® fabric is the ultimate anti-microbial textile for healthcare markets. Its active agent is a permanent X-STATIC® pure silver thread that is interwoven into the fabric during manufacture*. 

This makes it self-sanitising and hygienic, non-toxic, antibacterial and anti-fungal giving protection (including protection against MRSA) and killing 99.9% of bacterial within one hour of contact.

It is ideal for use in hospitals, hospices, convalescence provision, care homes and at home in the community.

The unique Biotechsis® fabric has a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fibre that is then woven into the fabric before being made into the Biotechsis® inbed care system range of products:

  • Biotechsis® is non-allergenic; with the X-STATIC® pure silver having no reported cases in twenty years.
  • This fibre system is used to prevent harmful bacteria from proliferating, mutating or being transmitted from the Biotechsis® products.
  • The anti-microbial agent is inherent in the fabric and active for the life of the product. 
  • The silver fibre is clearly visible in the final product making it the only inbed care system guaranteed to have the active ingredient present. (See its Safe)
  • Biotechsis® provides hygiene protection when in contact with the human skin.
  • It is a self sanitising product that provides the foremost preventative textile barrier against cross-infection from localised environment.