The Biotechsis® system

The Biotechsis® Inbed System

Designed with care in mind through practice-based evidence 

Designed by Phil Strong, an registered nurse with Advanced Trauma Life Support field experience, the Biotechsis® inbed system has been developed to replace conventional cotton bed sheets which can cause stiction, friction, shear and the distortion of tissue, as repeated inbed movement of the client/ patient without the ability to slide can result in tissue harm. Instead, its synergetic layers create an environment that simulates and complements the body’s own internal natural system for avoiding stiction, friction, shear and the distortion of tissue that can result in tissue harm. 


Homeostatic movement thanks to synergetic layers, gravity, and technology

Simple yet effective, Biotechsis® inbed care system products are designed to work intuitively and synergistically together. They are constructed with integral grip and slide mechanisms to enable and encourage patient/ client independence and mobility.

When a client/ patient is unable to move independently, the system can be used in coordination with and utilising the technology in Multi-Plane Tilt Bed Frame and Hybrid Mattress and Overhead Patient Hoist to enable client/ patient movement and repositioning in a safe way that works by harnessing Inertia in coordination with the ever present gravitational forces. This practice supports the patient/ client’s internal homeostatic and tensegrity mechanisms that protects and prevents tissue and cell recovery thresholds from being exceeded. 


Patient comfort

The Biotechsis® fabric also provides the following benefits to the inbed system:

    • Antimicrobial: The properties of Biotechsis® fabrics signify a dramatic advancement in anti-microbial textile technology. Ion release from the silver works on an intra-cellular level, disrupting the DNA of micro-organisms on the fabric. 
    • Anti static: the Biotechsis® fabric is able to dissipate static electricity
    • Anti odour: the Biotechsis® fabric neutralises odour by binding with ammonia, denaturing proteins and killing the bacteria that produce the odour.
    • Thermo dynamic: Biotechsis® fabric cools when warm and warm when cool.

The Biotechsis® inbed system is ideal for immobile and heavier patients for whom care givers struggle to achieve bed positioning and side lying. 


Carer safety

The Biotechsis® inbed system enables safe, friendly and effective care, whilst preventing soft tissue harm / musculoskeletal injuries to carer(s) that are the result of the accumulative, repetitive and unergonomic movements associated with caring for clients/patients confined to bed.

Each component product of the inbed care system are designed to work together and enables a safer single-person care and the non-physical movement and repositioning of clients/ patients.when used in a coordination way with technology such as Multi-Plane Tilt Bed Frame, Hybrid Mattress and an Overhead Patient Hoist.