Patient Safety - Skin friction, distortion and shear - the patient handling link

Patient Safety - Skin friction, distortion and shear - the patient handling link

The Biotechsis® in-bed care management system is designed to help avoid pressure ulcers. Having worked in the care industry for 40 years, Phil Strong has seen for himself the patient tissue damage caused by friction, skin distortion and shear that often occurs when patients are being nursed and moved on traditional cotton sheets that interface with PVC coated mattresses. Our ‘Sitting Up In Bed’ video explains this in more detail: Click to watch.

The view that tissue damage is caused by more than just pressure is agreed by Dr Evan Call (European Wound Management Association) as seen in this molnlycke video. To read more about the research referenced in the video, please see:
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Gefen, Amit, van Nierop, Bastiaan, Bader, Dan L. and Oomens, Cees W. (2008) Strain-time cell-death threshold for skeletal muscle in a tissue-engineered model system for deep tissue injury. Journal of Biomechanics, 41, (9), 2003-2012. (doi:10.1016/j.jbiomech.2008.03.039 ). (PMID:18501912).


Phil has designed the new iSlide and other products to take further steps in pressure ulcer prevention, to increase patient safety and improve patient care – by changing the way patients are moved. This has been driven from his care experience and the belief that there must be a ‘better way’ that’s both intuitive to use and combines integral microclimate control, incontinence management and contains an ionic, self-sanitising shield.

For more details, call Phil on  01454 417961 / 281732 or email

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