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Enabler Boards

Enabler Boards


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Enabler Boards are made from a thin, lightweight flexible plastic and are elongated oval in shape.  Available in large or small (also called Enabler Shimmys) sizes, these white enabler boards come only as pairs of each size. 


They can be used together as Bridging boards with slide sheets (both Flat and/ or Roller Slide Sheets) to create an ultra-low friction reducing top surface interface beneath the patient/ client making it easier to laterally transfer patients/ clients in both a lying or sitting position across small gaps up to 6 inches wide.

They  provide a controlled protective sliding interface beneath the patient/ client, preventing mechanical damage to the skin from friction and shear. This also makes it easier for carers to insert, remove and adjust hoist slings, x-ray plates, articles of clothing or pillows beneath the patient/ client.

The Large Enabler Boards have a single hand hold at one end of the board for carrying purposes. 


Small 15cm wide x 33cm long x 3mm thick (each board)
Large  35cm wide x 73cm long x 3mm thick (each board)

Care Instructions

  • Wash with hot soapy water and towel dry. 
  • Can be wiped clean with medi-wipes.

Please read accompanying product instruction leaflet.

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