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Pull Straps

Pull Straps


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Pull straps are lengths of woven tape that have a series of looped handles attached along its length, with an elongated loop at one end.

They are made from strong yet comfortable woven tape and can be attached by using the elongated loop at one end to create a slip-knot connection to the integral handles on Flat or Roller Slide Sheets, providing an arm extension which helps the carer to pull the Slide Sheet whilst maintaining a good posture.

Examples could include:
  • During lateral transfers, when the carers are sliding someone laterally in a lying position from one surface to another.
  • When a single carer positioned on one side of the bed is repositioning a patient/ client up the bed on slide sheets.
  • Sliding someone with Slide Sheets on the floor or on therapy mats.
  • A pull strap may be attach to the handle on one side of a bridging transfer board for the user to pull and transfer themselves.
  • The versatility of the pull strap allows it to be used as a Leg lifter when the elongated loop at one end is placed around the ball or arch of the foot helping the user to pull the leg into position when getting in/ out of the bed.
  • Pull straps may also be used as a rope ladder when attached to the foot end of the bed (centre or corner bedframe) and its length of looped handles extended up on the bed so the user can pull themselves into a sitting position.



Short 68cm long x 2.5cm wide (27 inches long x 1 inch wide)
Long 137cm long x 2.5cm wide (54 inches long x 1 inch wide)


Care Instructions

  • Can be machine washed and short tumble dry up to 90℃.
  • Can be hand washed and drip dried. 

Please read care label on each product and accompanying product instruction leaflet.

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