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Flat Slide Sheet

Flat Slide Sheet


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The Flat Slide Sheets are designed to help and make it easier for carers to reposition patients/clients in bed, transfer them laterally from one surface to another and used to aid independent patient/ client transfer. They can also be used for easier Hoist sling insertion and fitting under the patient/client in bed or chair.

They are made of specialised ultra low friction reducing woven fabric and have a row of attached webbing handles around their edges on three sides allowing the carers to grip and hold them at any point.

When they are used in pairs and placed as two interfaced layers beneath the patient/ client in bed, they can be used by the carers to easily slide and reposition patient/ client by holding and sliding the top sheet over the bottom sheet.

A single Flat Slide Sheet can be folded upon itself to form a tube and used as a Roller Slide Sheet beneath the patient/ client.

A single Flat Slide Sheet can also be used under the patient/ client on top of a suitable surface such as a bridging transfer board to assist sliding during sitting or lying lateral transfers.

Pull Straps may be attached to the integral handles at any point on the sheet allowing the carer to slide the patient/ client whilst maintaining a good posture.



90cm wide x 200cm long

Care Instructions

  • Can be machine washed and short tumble dry up to 90℃.
  • Can be wiped clean with medi-wipes or hot soapy water and towel dried.

Please read care label on each product and accompanying product instruction leaflet.

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