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Flexi Disc

Flexi Disc


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The Flexi Disc are a pair of flexible material discs that are attached at their centre by a strong plastic connector that allows the top disc to rotate at its centre and slide on the disc below.

The top disc upper surface has a soft quilted non-slip pad and the underside is a specialised ultra low friction reducing woven fabric.

The bottom disc has a specialised ultra low friction reducing woven fabric upper surface and its lower surface is a tough man made non-slip pad.

It is supplied with:
  • An elasticated detachable waterproof cover which fits (like a shower cap) over the top half of the Flexi disc preventing the top quilted pad from becoming soiled or wet during use, and can be simply wiped down to reduce laundering time.
  • A holder bag for storage and carrying.
  • The interfacing ultra low friction centre layers and its thin flexible fabric construction allows the Flexi Disc to conform to both the shape of the seat as well as the users buttocks during a seated pivot transfer, furthermore it gives the user a “sense” or “feel’ of the floor beneath them and provides security and stability during the standing pivot transfer.
The Flexi Disc is both flexible in construction and flexible in use with ideal properties to help the user to pivot in both seated and standing transfers:
  • on and off beds
  • on and off chairs
  • in and out of baths (various bath seat types)
  • in and out of car seats.
The Flexi Disc can be used in combination with other handling aids such as Slide Sheets and Patient Handling Belt to complete the transfer.


40cm diameter (15.75 inches)

Care Instructions

  • Can be machine washed and short tumble dry up to 40℃.
  • Wipe two centre layers clean with medi-wipes or hot soapy water. 
  • Wipe bottom regularly with damp cloth 

Please read care label on each product and accompanying product instruction leaflet.

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