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Folding Transfer Board

Folding Transfer Board


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The Folding Transfer Boards (also called Enabler Boards) are bridging boards that can be used to help the carers to laterally transfer patients/ clients in both a lying position with the board laid out flat or in a sitting position with the board at an angle, across small gaps of up to 15cm (6 inches) between two parallel presenting surfaces of a similar height.

The Folding Transfer Boards are made of strong flexible plastic and are elongated oval in shape with six cut out hand holds (one either end and two each side) and can be folded in half for storing and carrying.

The boards are contour flexible in nature and will accommodate any small variation of up to 5 cm difference in the two parallel presenting surface heights during the transfer.

By placing Slide Sheets beneath the patient/client in a lying or sitting position on the Folding Transfer Board will make it easier for the carers to complete the lateral slide transfer.

They may be used in Lateral Slide Transfers from:
  • Bed to bed (in both lying and sitting position)
  • Bed to trolley (in both lying and sitting position)
  • Bed to shower trolley
  • Trolley to x-ray plinth (in both lying and sitting position)
  • Bed to mortuary trolley
  • Ambulance trolley to A+E trolley/ bed (in both lying and sitting position)
The Folding Transfer Board has no weight bearing capacity across these small gaps. It is the weight bearing capacities of the two resting surfaces that determine the weight limit that can be transferred.


Small  50cm wide x 100cm long x 3mm thick
Medium 63.7cm wide x 134cm long x 3mm thick
Large 77.5cm wide x 169cm long x 3mm thick

Care Instructions

  • Wash with hot soapy water and towel dry. 
  • Can be wiped clean with medi-wipes.

Please read accompanying product instruction leaflet.

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