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Roller Slide Sheet

Roller Slide Sheet


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The Roller Slide Sheets are designed to both help and make it easier for carers to:
  • Reposition patients/ clients in bed.
  • Transfer them from one surface to another on bridging boards.
  • Fit hoist slings.
  • Aid independent transfers.
  • Assist with dressing and undressing articles of clothing.
  • Insertion and removing X-ray plates.
They can be used as a single Roller Slide Sheet or in a combination (of number and sizes).

The Roller Slide Sheets are tubes of specialised ultra low friction reducing woven fabric with attached webbing handles on the edges of each side, enabling the carers to grip and hold them.

By placing the Roller Slide Sheet beneath the patient/ client, the carers can hold the handles and slide the upper layer of the Roller Slide Sheet over the bottom layer to aid repositioning.

Pull Straps may be attached to the integral handles on either side of the Roller Slide Sheet allowing the carers to slide the patient/ client whilst maintaining a good posture.



Small 40cm wide x 70cm long (one handle each side)
Medium 50cm wide x 70cm long (one handle each side)
Large 60cm wide x 70cm long (one handle each side)
Large - Extended Length 70cm wide x 150cm long (two handles each side)


Care Instructions

  • Can be machine washed and short tumble dry up to 90℃.
  • Can be wiped clean with medi-wipes or hot soapy water and towel dried.

Please read care label on each product and accompanying product instruction leaflet.

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